Sunday, January 8, 2012

To be Grateful For Today ...

Thinking about the five for today.  Let's see...
  1. rainbows ~ how can anyone not be thankful for the wonderful rainbows that arrive on the gloomiest of days
  2. healthy children ~ when I see and read about all the children who are sick it always makes me so sad and I feel amazed at how strong the parents and siblings are of those children.  I am so lucky that my two are healthy
  3. beads ~ I can't imagine my life without them now!  They are my relaxation and enjoyment in so many different ways
  4. apricots ~ yesterday we picked our first crop of apricots from our tree and they are so delicious
  5. smiles ~every time someone smiles it brightens up not only their day but also the people around them
Have a wonderful day!  I am enjoying starting my day like this, it really does make a lovely positive beginning.

Lee-Anne :)

1 comment:

  1. Five wonderful reasons to be grateful. I am grateful for all my wonderful friends that I have :)