Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I have been loving making necklaces lately.  I have been playing with my Sizzix Big Kick embossing machine and loving it.  It is so much fun to add a piece of plain metal to a folder turn a handle and see what comes out.  I have made lots of different designs and then been adding these pendants to necklaces using lots of techniques.

The combinations of metal, glass and gemstones I have particularly enjoyed working with.  have a look at some of the photos Keri http://www.facebook.com/KeriPennicottPhotography has taken of my necklaces.
Embossed bird, Indian foil glass beads, moonstone and carnelian

Stichtite in Serpentine and Amethyst

Embossed leaf, cream howlite and black crystals

Amethyst and Stichtite in serpentine chips


Chrysocolla gemstones

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Andreas Needs a Miracle

A family from the school I work at has had a very difficult year.  Their youngest son was born with an irreparable heart condition.  I am currently working on organising a Mother's Day Market as a fundraiser for the family, to assist them during this very stressful time.  They have many trips to Melbourne which leaves the family split.  A hard thing for any family to manage.  It is amazing how well they are all coping.

I am hoping that this market will go a little towards easing their burden and show them how much love and support the local community has for them. For more information on the market or to donate please email me.

To find out more about Andreas and his family have a look at his facebook page

Until next time

Stay safe and be happy
Lee-Anne :)

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Tutorial ~ Memory Wire Bracelet

A memory-wire bracelet is quite simple to make. 

  • a kit   
  • beads (including spacer beads)
  • bracelet memory wire  

  • round nose pliers
  • household pliers (for cutting the wire ~ it is quite tough!)

And patience (haha)

Step 1
Use the house hold pliers to cut 1 1/2 loops of wire.

Step 2
Make a turn on one end of the wire using the round nose pliers.
Note: the end of the wire must make a complete loop any gap will allow the beads to move around or even come off!

Step 3
Thread the beads onto the wire in a pattern you like (experiment with colours and patterns until you are happy). Continue with the pattern until you have about 1cm of wire left.

Step 4
Make a turn with the remaining wire using the round nose pliers.

Step 5
Wear with pride!