Monday, April 30, 2012


So much for me trying to post regularly :(

I have been very busy since Easter.  Between working at school with my lovely class of 27 children and spending time running around with my 14 year old and teaching my 17 year old to drive, there is not much time left.  However, I am now one of the organisers of a local monthly market, which I love doing but it is quite time consuming particularly in the week before the market and I am in the process of finalising all the stall holders for a fundraiser market which is being help this Saturday and then I need to find time to make my jewellery.  Okay so I am a little bit on the time poor side but I do love every minute of it. 

I hope that next week I will be able to post about how well the market this weekend went, but at the moment I am still a little worried about the whole experience.  I have wonderful stall holders making donations of their lovely products for lucky door prizes and a silent auction that will be running during the market.  There will be a lovely lady doing face painting for half of the market time.  The BBQ will run throughout the 4 hours and there will be soft drinks available as well as a coffee and cupcake van.  The variety of stall holders is fantastic from jewellery, cards, scrapbooking materials, ceramics, mosaics, painted glass, resin work, soaps, candles, beauty products, stained glass, to some second hand books donated by a shop in the local community.  It should be an awesome day but having never organised something like this before I still worry!

Guess only time will tell...

I will let you all know on Monday how it all went

Have a great week :)

Friday, April 13, 2012


A stunning day in Hobart today so I took my son to work and then went for a walk on The Domain. Here are some of the pictures I took during my walk
Mount Wellington
Looking towards the Derwent River and the Eastern Shore
Mount Wellington across North Hobart
Walking track
Domain sport fields
Looking toward Glenorchy

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Some Healing Properties of Moonstone and Aventurine

I love using gemstones in my jewellery designs.  The stones are lovely to look at and feel beautiful against my skin.  I think the added element for the use of gemstones is the healing and strengthening properties they contain.

My latest pieces are made almost entirely of Green Aventurine and Moonstone, with some Czech glass bugle beads to add balance.

  • Soothes stress and anxiety
  • balances emotions
  • calms the emotions
  • cures headaches
  • heals the heart by releasing emotional stress
  • allows reuniting of the healthy heart and soul
  • heals emotion pain, fear, negativity and imbalance
  • Calm a troubled spirit and brings about inner peace

* from Healing Jewelry: using gemstones for health & well-being Mickey Baskett 2007