Thursday, March 8, 2012

Tutorial ~ Memory Wire Bracelet

A memory-wire bracelet is quite simple to make. 

  • a kit   
  • beads (including spacer beads)
  • bracelet memory wire  

  • round nose pliers
  • household pliers (for cutting the wire ~ it is quite tough!)

And patience (haha)

Step 1
Use the house hold pliers to cut 1 1/2 loops of wire.

Step 2
Make a turn on one end of the wire using the round nose pliers.
Note: the end of the wire must make a complete loop any gap will allow the beads to move around or even come off!

Step 3
Thread the beads onto the wire in a pattern you like (experiment with colours and patterns until you are happy). Continue with the pattern until you have about 1cm of wire left.

Step 4
Make a turn with the remaining wire using the round nose pliers.

Step 5
Wear with pride!

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