Thursday, January 12, 2012


Well ... I was doing well with my daily gratitudes but then came a 'bad' day one when I probably needed to really focus on the wonderful things around me and what happens I don't write!

I spent the day yesterday doing things for others.  I picked up my youngest son from his uncle's house at the beach ~ my youngest loves to fish!  My eldest if learning to drive (yep very scary at times, but he is doing well) and he drove.  He did great until a police car, driving in the opposite direction, suddenly put on his lights and then did a u-turn chasing someone.  Of course, my son thought it was him, he pulled over and (phew) the car went screaming passed.  I had to drive home, no big surprises there.

Later in the afternoon, cricket training was on.  I took the 14 y.o to training and then sat near the water to file a ring I am making for a customer.   Lovely!  Peaceful!  It was so nice I went for a walk. Beautiful, and while walking I started thinking about ways I could put some of my activities into a better perspective so I would have more family time.  By the time I got back to the car I was feeling in a much better mind set (woohoo). And a lesson learnt - it really isn't a good idea to walk in thongs (flip flops) for any length if time unless you like have lots of blisters.

Taken by BraydenKD

5 Daily Gratitudes
  1. peace and quiet
  2. mindful occupation
  3. sleep
  4. water
  5. perspective
 I hope you all are having a lovely day :)

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