Saturday, January 14, 2012

The day after the night before

Had a lovely night at a friends 40th birthday celebration last night.  Wonderful people, lots of laughs, a glass of bubbly or two or three...(think I may have lost count~whoops), fabulous music and yummy nibbles.  The fire was toasty and warm, although I didn't spend much time near it and there was no wind!

I have woken up this morning quite well (thank goodness it was possible for a sleep in though!) surprising really.

Things I am grateful for today
  1. good friends with funny stories
  2. sparkling wine
  3. nice weather
  4. friends who know when not to ask 'are you OK?'
  5. opportunities to celebrate

An amethyst gift

 Have a wonderful day and keep smiling, Lee-Anne :)

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