Friday, January 13, 2012

My Addiction!

Hi my name is Lee-Anne and I am a beadaholic!

GOTCHA!!!  I doubt that was what you were thinking about when you read the title of this post.   Not only am I addicted to beads, and all things beady, but I am also addicted to metals and glass.  I could spend hours (and often do) in my little 'craft' room just playing with the beads, sorting, checking and looking.  Not actually doing anything, just dreaming and thinking!  When I can't work out what to make or inspiration has left me just 'playing with the beautiful beads can lead to a new inspiration.
Gemstones from
Gemstones from

Today my 5 daily gratitudes come from my addiction...
  1. colour
  2. glass
  3. metal
  4. shiny things
  5. tools
Strange things to be thankful for but ones that mean a lot to me!

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