Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I Am So Lucky!

Today is the fourth day of of listing my 5 Daily Gratitudes, and I have decided that today is the chance to tell you about why I think I am lucky.
  1. I am lucky because I have a job that I love!  What can be better than helping the next generation  reach their full potential?
  2. I am lucky because I have a family who love being together.  My brothers, sister, their partners, all of our children and my parents as well as my family love spending time altogether and we go out of our way to ensure it happens at least twice a year.
  3. I am lucky because I have everything I need...yes there I things I would like but I don't need them.
  4. I am lucky because I get to enjoy having wonderful friends around me.  I can chat to them whenever I want (or need) and they are always there for me.
  5. I am lucky because I have a husband who looks after me and knows when I need to be left alone.  He is usually very encouraging and loves me!
Well, those five were very easy to write and I could have listed many more.

My husband and boys at the Twelve Apostles on the Great ocean Road in 2011

Have a beautiful day
Lee-Anne :)

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