Monday, January 9, 2012

5 Daily Gratitudes

So this is the third day of my gratitudes!  Running a little late today as I had breakfast with some friends, what a lovely way to start the day!
  1. friends ~ it doesn't seem to matter how rarely we catch up it is always just like yesterday that we last saw each other.
  2. Memories ~ whenever we meet up together we always talk about our beautiful friends who are now angels, we miss them but they're are always with us and together we share wonderful memories of their lives.
  3. birds chirping ~ is there a sound which is anymore beautiful first thing in the morning?
  4. My children ~ I am so lucky to have two wonderful teenage boys.  They are among the most important things in  my life!
  5. walking ~ I love to walk! Walking allows you to take in your environment, think about anything or just tune out and relax
Have a fabulous day!  Catch you tomorrow with more 'gratitudes'!

My boys and I taken about 7 years ago at a lookout on Tasmania's West Coast

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