Thursday, February 16, 2012

Back to Work

Well after not working since before Christmas it has been a bit of a shock to the system returning to work this week.  Last week I spent a few hours getting ready and organising my classroom at school as well as setting up a welcome display.  At home during the last week I had been planning what is actually going to happen for the first few days.  The terms planning will be worked on once I have assessed my class and determined every child's exact needs.

Tuesday and Wednesday this week were professional learning days, very long days when you have been use to doing your own thing.  They were full on but I learnt a lot about the Australian Curriculum which is to be used this year. Wednesday's sessions were particularly full with lots to learn in a very short time.  A lovely morning tea was supplied but as everything there contained refined sugar (there was no fruit or cheese) I didn't have any!  (That was amazing for me as I love sweet things!)  Lunch was also delicious with plenty of food which I could enjoy ~ yummy!  The Australain Curriculum will mean a steep learning curve for me as not only do we need to teach the content, skills and capabilities but we are required to assess and report against it with a whole new reporting system.

Today saw the children arrive in the school.  The day begun with meeting the children, most of whom I had already met in the previous year, and their parents.  I was lucky enough to have an ex-teacher assistant helping in my class today which meant that many of the tasks that didn't involve working directly with the children were completed.

Every year, I forget how exhausting the start is, a new group of children mean they need to learn all about my expectations, 'rules' and routines and of course making informal and formal assessments as to where this group of children are at.  These always take a few weeks to become really well established.  I ended my first day in the classroom with very little voice, luckily as soon as I stopped talking it found its way back.

After school today I had a personal training session with PT on Wheels which was fantastic (as always!) and then home to do some of those duties before picking my son up from cricket training.

Phew!!  Now I am very tired and ready for bed (even though it is on 8.30!) but I know that my mind will not shut down yet, so much to think about and organise for these little people whose education for this year I am responsible for, what a big job I have ahead of me.

I love working with children and am looking forward to the challenge of the year ahead.

Stay safe and be happy until next time :)

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