Sunday, September 25, 2011


Well this week has been one where getting back into routine has been the go. Back to school for the kids and I! Yesterday was spent doing housework (ho hum) and today we had a trip to the tip shop (doesn't sound all that exciting does it!). 

Hubby wanted to get some things for the garden and I was looking for a crock pot or slow cooker to use with my handmade glass beads, we didn't find either.  I came home with a few pillow cases for Cathy to use to make her gorgeous bags, a wooden thing-a-me to hang my tools on and a couple of besser block bricks to use to make a bookcase in an effort to sort out the mess I have in my craft room.

Three weeks ago I managed to find the floor of my room but since then card making and jewellery design and production have destroyed the room.  I like to work on the floor so there is one clear patch where I sit to work.  I hope that during the week I manage to fix the mess and reorganise the room so that getting out and putting away become easier and within reach of where I sit.  Well that is the plan I guess time will tell!

I am amazed about how close Christmas is.  Less than three months away!  So I have started on making Christmas cards.  I have begun by hunting out all my old cards and cutting out pieces which can be reused on new cards.  I found three cards with the same picture and they have become a nice paper tole card.  The other pieces I have cut out have been place into a file to be used over the next few weeks.

Last week I was able to put some of my jewellery on display at my hairdressers.  The girls there have bought a number of pieces before and thought their clients might be interested.  Fingers crossed that they are!

Have a great week all and hopefully I will see some of you at the Woodbridge Market on Sunday.

Bye for now
Lee-Anne :)

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