Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What a Week!

Wow! it has been an amazing week.  I have been busy with my children (well young adults really). Last Wednesday, I was relaxing playing a computer game.  My youngest son was really happy because he had spent some birthday money on some fishing tackle.  He had picked out a couple of lures and had taught himself how to tie them onto his line. 

While practising this new skill he managed to get the lure hooked into the couch.  That was a nuisance but could be dealt with.  However by the time I had turned around to help him ~ less than a second ~ he decided to try and get it out himself.  Easy ~ of course not ~ the lure he was practising on had two hooks on it so the one not stuck in the couch became very deeply embedded in his finger.  I am sure you can imagine the rest.  It wasn't pretty and required a trip to the after hours doctor.
The piece which was removed from my son's finger

Lucky for grandparents ~ he spent the rest of the week with them while I was at school.  The weekend involved making some jewellery for my friend's wedding.  I also helped to put together the place mats for the guests ~ not a simple job either.  It took three of us working together quite a few hours to make them all!
A sterling silver and handmade glass bead bracelet

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