Saturday, May 7, 2011

Busy Week

It has been a very busy week!  Getting ready to have not one but two stalls at two different places at the same time on Friday night.  That meant that I needed to almost double the amount of usual stock I have.  I also had a busy open home for my friends to get their mother's day gifts and cards last Sunday.  This was a very successful day, but that also resulted in having to make new items to make up for those sold.

The stalls last night, one at the Lindisfarne Football club Mother's Day  evening and the other at a shopping night for a very special little girl both did quite well.  The fundraiser was fantastic with a nice sum being raised to assist with the development of Willow's Organic Oasis.

My little friend, Ainsley (the one with the cute red handbag), did an amazing job selling my jewellery and cards at the football club.  Thanks Ains xx

Here are some photos of some new items thanks to Keri for

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